Has always been a fascination of mine. I get lost in it. I love it. 

I am in love with natural light.


ME ?


My name is  Liza, I am 31 years young, & a proud mother of three. I work a full time job, and do photography on the side.

Shooting / Editing is a huge passion of mine. I would never consider this a "job", although it occupies the majority of my free time, and I do not do it for free. 

I have been shooting for about 5 years, and editing close to 12. I guess you can say I started backwards. I shoot a little bit of everything.

My Clients:

I love when my clients can just be, and allow me to capture them so effortlessly. It's so easy to lose track of the things that really matter in life, the moment, the laugh, the kiss, the hugs, the smile... I try not to pose my clients. I Love the more natural moments that are captured. They are real, and they are raw, and there is nothing more beautiful to me! 


Why do I shoot? I normally have a very busy schedule. Between 3 kids, and a Full Time job, it is hard to find that happy medium of relaxation. My form of relaxation is found within the camera! It is that moment when you have exactly what is in front of you captured in your lens! The moment when its almost to good to shoot. You almost just want to enjoy what is in front of you, the bond, the kiss, the tears. This thing called life, it goes too quickly, and almost all of it is taken for granted. I would only hope that I can capture these exact moments for you and your family!

He who Inspires Me:

My very hard working father who put everything aside for my siblings and I. Selfless. Single Father. Humble. Simple Man. Walking streets of gold since 2002. I only wish I had more photos of him!!